Welcome to Direct Applications

We specialize in website development, web applications, GSM standard application development and image consulting. We are focused on a high quality of service delivery for both the SME and corporate sectors, in order to help them stand out in the marketplace and achieve their goals.

Our development division create and maintain any and all applications you might require for your business. Whether you require a locally based or cloud hosted solution, we can assist in making the Research and Development process a breeze. From the actual development process, to the hosting and branding of the solution, Direct Applications is your answer to a seamless process flow.

Our Image Consulting division specialize in turning a simple product, into a “brand”. This is done by allowing for a complete assessment of your company. From websites, face-to-face client interaction and marketing structures; to pamphlets, business card re-designs and even logo assessment. Each aspect of your company can be restructured to aim at any specific market, trend or age group. By doing this, we can guarantee a more professional approach to the public on your behalf which will directly translate into a significant increase in your “return on investment”.

These are just some of the ways we would like to help grow your wealth, and support your business initiatives.

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